Sambal Bu Diah

Welcome to Sambal Bu Diah

Our sambal is the perfect accompaniment for seafood or BBQ dishes.

You can order our product by emailing us at or go to the shop that sells our product from the link below.

Shop that sells our product

Spicy Level







What's in it?

To comply with the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, listed on the right are the ingredients that we use for our product.

Our non-vegetarian products contain seafood ingredients.

Made in Standard Mark - Landscape
Seafood Paste
Kaffir Lime and Leaves
Onions and other natural aromatics

Happy thoughts from our early adopters

Nice balance of flavours and the chilli not too overpowering even for the majority of tastes - it lingers a little but the sweetness combats it nicely..

The sambal was delicious!
The spiciness by itself is a bit beyond my level but I like the refreshing flavours in it. I had it with my vegies and rice, yum!

Thank you... the sambal has a real kick! Had it with grilled beef it's a li'l like a salsa.

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